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All New SonicWall Switches, Just Launched!
Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 08:15:36 AM

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The SonicWall Switches are designed to connect SonicWall firewalls with wireless access points, IP surveillance cameras, VoIP phones, and other PoE-capable devices, as well as other Ethernet-based networking equipment or computers. The Switch provides simple, yet powerful PoE manageability with features such as: IEEE 802.3af or IEEE 802.3at/af ports, PoE port management, port mirroring, voice VLAN, QoS, static routing, 802.1x authentication, and access point management.

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See how SonicWall can help with the Remote Workforce

The SonicWall Switch delivers highspeed network switching while providing unparalleled performance and manageability. Its unified security posture, high port density, Power over Ethernet (PoE) options and multigigabit performance capabilities makes it ideal for small and medium-sized business (SMB), and Software-Defined Branch (SD-Branch) deployments. This enables businesses – big or small, to undergo digital transformation and keep pace with the changing network and security landscape.

The SonicWall Secure SD-Branch solution transforms user experience at branch office locations by delivering a unified platform that enables branches to be deployed in minutes and delivers unified visibility and threat detection from a single pane of glass. SonicWall SDBranch components consist of SonicWall next-generation firewalls with Secure SD-WAN, Capture Security Center with Zero-Touch Deployment, SonicWall Switches, SonicWave access points (AP), Capture Client and Cloud App Security. With the flexibility that SonicWall Secure SD-Branch offers, organizations can now be more agile, open and cloud-centric.

An integral part of the next-generation branch transformation, the SonicWall Switches are managed via firewalls for unified, single-pane-of-glass management of the entire SonicWall infrastructure. By tightly integrating with firewalls, the solution benefits from unified security posture and offers an end-to-end security solution that simplifies deployment, management and troubleshooting. This ensures seamless security and eliminates gap in security posture that may arise with third party switches.

In conjunction, the SonicWall Switch offers Zero-Touch Deployment capability with the ability to quickly roll out devices across branches spread out globally. Admins can quickly and securely deploy these switches at new locations without requiring any costly on-site IT personnel.

Packed with features, these stackable switches are available in a compact form factor with an energy-efficient design. Available in seven models, ranging from eight to 48, with gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet ports, the switches work seamlessly with SonicWall nextgeneration firewalls and SonicWave APs to create an end-to-end multi-gigabit secure network. The Ethernet ports provide PoE options to power on various devices such as APs, VOIP phones and IP cameras.

Prioritize certain traffic on the network such as VOIP for video conferences while working from home, with features such as QoS. Easily segment devices in the network and maintain compliance. Segregating can be accomplished by creating policies or VLANs. Features such as 802.1X authentication allows business to maintain PCI compliance.

Watch a Video Demo of SonicWall Products

The Role of Switches in Today’s Distributed Networks

Why switches are a cornerstone of unified security for SD-Branch


Today’s anywhere/anytime business model demands secure distributed networking. Switches are a key element to a unified security posture across distributed enterprises and SD-Branch networks. The SonicWall Switch Series delivers the core functionality required in an effective switch solution.


Our new business paradigm demands the flexibility for a remote distributed workforce. Distributed organizations must deploy, configure, manage, monitor and troubleshoot a growing number of disparate devices in branch sites. Additionally, the rising demands of high-bandwidth applications has created a surge in network infrastructure that supports gigabit and multigigabit throughput.

High-performance switch components integrated into an endto-end- security stack can provide a strong, unified posture, amplify visibility and control, and enable single-pane-of-glass (SPOG) management. A unified security posture enables granular security controls to help identify and prevent today’s stealthiest and never-before-seen attacks from compromising your network.

SD-Branch networks

Switches can play an integrated role in SD-Branch networks, whether across distributed enterprises, large campuses, government agency sites, or even at designated home-based office sites. SD-WAN applies software-defined networking and virtualization to build highly available and higher-performance WANs. By using low-cost internet access (broadband, 3G/4G/LTE, fiber), organizations can cost-effectively replace expensive WAN connection technologies such as MPLS. In

turn, SD-Branch integrates SD-WAN with switches, firewalls, wireless, zero-touch deployment and central management on a single unified platform. This provides a rapidly scalable solution for securing distributed branch sites.

Segmenting and extending networks

Functioning on the layer 2 (Data Link Layer) of the OSI model, an effective switch would allow administrators to segregate traffic based on mac addresses or VLANs, and break up the large collision domain into smaller ones. Each port on a switch would support a separate collision domain. Being able to easily segment devices in the network helps organization maintain compliance with regulatory mandates. Segregating can be accomplished by creating policies or VLANs. For example, features such as 802.1X authentication help transactional businesses to maintain PCI-DSS compliance. By integrating switches with other networking elements, administrators can also make any wireless network an extension of the wired network.

Streamlining secure network management

SPOG management of switches and other integrated components enables unified control, reporting and analytics, delivering complete network visibility. By accessing analytics in real-time admins can make more informed decisions. Zero-Touch Deployment (ZTD) capability can allow organizations to quickly and securely configure the switch at new locations without requiring advanced and costly on-site personnel. Switches should be able to operate independently or be daisy chained together to form a single switch with the port capacity of the combined switches. This allows administrators to work on one large switch rather than multiple smaller ones. Some switches offer Power over Ethernet (PoE), which is ideal for powering on APs, VOIP phones and IP cameras.

Ensuring Quality of Service

To ensure quality of service (QoS), switches should enable traffic to be prioritized, and avoid excessive broadcast and multicast traffic. Traffic such as voice and video streaming could be assigned higher priority, while non-critical traffic can be assigned lower priority. Today’s switch solutions must also support gigabit and multi-gigabit throughput.


Switches are an integral part of today’s distributed enterprise. The SonicWall Switch Series delivers intelligent switching while providing unparalleled performance, security and manageability. Its unified security posture makes it ideal for SD-Branch and enterprise deployments.

This enables businesses – big or small – to undergo digital transformation and keep pace with the changing network and security landscape. As a key component of the unified SonicWall SD-Branch solution, the SonicWall Switch Series tightly integrates with SonicWall next-generation firewalls, Secure SD-WAN, ZeroTouch Deployment, SonicWave wireless access points, Capture Client endpoint security and Cloud App Security, all under Capture Security Center single-pane-of-glass management. When network requirements change, any of the network function can be upgraded or downgraded. With the flexibility that SonicWall Switches and SD-Branch offers, organizations can be more agile, open and cloud-centric.

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