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Aerohive Networks

Enterprise Controller-free Wi-Fi: Less Hardware, More Value

Aerohive is a cloud networking company that provides comprehensive access solutions for the mobile first enterprise. Built from the ground up for today's challenges, Aerohive sets new standards for how to address these global trends that are impacting every organisation with a unique and powerful combination of distributed networking intelligence, known as our Cooperative Control architecture, and an industry leading cloud services infrastructure. This allows Aerohive to deliver secure, enterprise-class access to every site - from a large campus or headquarters to remote branches and even single teleworker offices - with consistent, predictable service and maximum security.

Aerohive Networks unleashes the potential of enterprise Wi-Fi, releasing customers from the shackles of copper, providing applications over the air, and maximising workforce productivity in general. The company's award-winning cooperative control architecture eliminates the need for costly controllers, saving money and providing unparalleled resiliency, up to 10X improved application performance, and the flexibility to start small and grow without limitations.

Due to Aerohive's unique cooperative control wireless LAN architecture they are able to offer a number of important buisiness benefits, including:

  • Linear pricing and lower cost, including both in very small (branch) and in very large (campus) deployments
  • No U-turns, bottlenecks, or single points of failure
  • Unified access layer including APs, switches, and routers to provide mobile-optimised networking to every user
  • Flexible expansion - just add APs as your requirements grow
  • Scalable, latency-optimised performance, supporting applications such as voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) and the ability to scale to 802.11n/ac performance and beyond
  • Superior branch performance and survivability
  • Real mesh support creates a self-healing network
  • Increased reliability and reduced cost, because no controllers are required
  • Advanced, value-added, clout-based functionality
  • Minimal feature licenses - virtually everything you need is built into the system


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