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Security Policy Management
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Security Policy Management

Eliminate policy pains and automate staff approvals.
Keep staff well-versed on security standards. Centralize policies, automate approvals and keep clear audit trails.

Traditional policy management isn't fit for compliance.

Policies are out-of-date and chaotic

With a decentralised document library, policy version control becomes sloppy and difficult to manage, resulting in outdated policies that aren't fit for purpose.

Policy updates get lost in the noise

Policy updates that are announced through company-wide email shots are easily missed, barely read and often forgotten about by employees.

Keeping an audit trail of user approvals is a pain

Tracking which employees have acknowledged and approved policies and procedures is crucial for company audits, but difficult to achieve at scale.

Create, communicate and maintain policies in one place

Store and amend documents in one centralized location, making it easy to find, send and revise different policies. Plus, create policies from scratch using an in-software editor tool with version control.

  • Centralize your policies

  • Create, add and amend with ease

  • Keep things organized with version control

Keep staff updated with automatic policy updates

Notify users of relevant policy updates via email announcements and provide self-service access for employees to read and approve at a time of their convenience.

  • Automate policy announcements

  • Send relevant policy communications

  • Give users self-service access

Save time with hassle-free eSign approvals

Easily track which users have viewed and approved a policy by requesting employee eSignatures, and enable a quick email nudge to remind those who haven't yet acknowledged.

  • Track policy views and eSign approvals

  • View user acknowledgement via your dashboard

  • Enable email reminders for users

How we Can Help

Virtual Graffiti

Managed Services

Virtual Graffiti's Managed Services allow you to reap the benefits of the latest technology while being able to focus on your business. Rest assured knowing your business is safe from the next wave of cyber attacks.

  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Cloud Security
  • Managed Email Security
  • Managed Detection & Response
Virtual Graffiti

Professional Services

We understand that every customer journey is unique. Our Professional Services team will empower you to achieve your business outcomes through a complete lifecycle from initial assessment to implementation.

  • Implementation Services
  • Assessment Services
  • Migration Services
  • Integration Center
Virtual Graffiti

Vendor Relationships

Virtual Graffiti has partnerships with over 180 technology vendors, giving you access to a broad range of world class offerings. Access manufacturer skills directly through our relationships.

  • Platinum, Gold and Silver Tiers
  • Multiple vendors per Category
  • Direct Access to Solution Architects
  • New vendors evaluated constantly

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Financial options that include purchase, lease, as-a-service or consumption based that aligns with your business needs, to give you access to the technology you need, when you need it.

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