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VG Tuesday Tips: Overcoming Cloud Challenges with Data Plane Virtualization

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One of the biggest problems in committing to the cloud is the real fear of vendor lock-in; after all, once you go through the time and expense of formatting your data sets in your preferred vendor’s proprietary fashion, the thought of moving it—and going through the time-consuming, expensive process of reformatting it again—is rarely an attractive option. And because of this, many enterprises choose to stick with their original cloud provider regardless of increasing prices or declining service, as the cost of changing is simply too high.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way? At Kaminario, we’ve created a solution that allows enterprises to enjoy all of the benefits of the cloud with none of the downsides. It’s called Data Plane Virtualization.

Data Plane Virtualization Creates True Data Mobility

As an enterprise, being able to access and share your data anytime — or to and from anywhere — is likely one of your goals. And it’s a smart one, because when you have this ability, operations run more smoothly, productivity increases, and you can more easily manage updates while enhancing flexibility and scalability.

Kaminario’s Data Plane Virtualization platform allows you to achieve this mobility while simultaneously removing the risk of vendor lock-in. How? Because the platform sits on top of your cloud infrastructure—regardless whether it is AWS, Google, or something else—your data sets are abstracted away from underlying hardware. This means that you format your data a single time for the data plane and then have the ability to natively move it to other substrates, with other cloud providers, without the need for any reengineering, reformatting, or rework.

Data Plane Virtualization Accelerates Data Mobility

We’ve found that 99% of customers with on-premise infrastructure want to shift to a cloud/on-premise hybrid environment, but the time and costs necessary to move those massive amounts of data can’t be justified. Kaminario removes the barriers to this by providing a common underlying software layer which simplifies cloud adoption. Because Kaminario runs in both customer data centers and their public cloud environments, we’re able to move data much faster than traditional solutions. We achieve this by automating the process, setting up a VPN between Kaminario in the cloud and Kaminario at the target site, and never connecting directly to the cloud itself. By taking this much simpler approach, we’re able to remove the complexity and cost of fully embracing cloud solutions and allow enterprises to experience enhanced performance.

Maximizing Cloud Value

Beyond the advantages of being able to move your data between different environments elegantly with the push of a button, Kaminario’s software stack provides other major improvements to your cloud experience. Kaminario provides large enterprises consistent low latency combined with high throughput data performance for critical applications on premise, with a rich data services stack comprised of completely inline data reduction, instantaneous zero footprint snapshots, data at rest encryption, FIPS 140-2 compliance, and native replication services built on a symmetric active-active highly scalable true Tier 1 enterprise-class software defined architecture. These are things that do not exist in the cloud world today—but with Kaminario software, we bring that Tier 1 level of performance and data services into your cloud and let you run your applications as is today, in a simple and highly cost effective fashion. Performance is Kaminario’s brand, and we are simply faster now that we’ve taken that brand into the cloud to enable and simplify your (difficult) enterprise journey from legacy on-prem to cloud native in a time frame that works for you.

A Safe, Cost-Effective Solution

If, like many enterprises, your business has been held hostage by a particular vendor or held back by cost, time or hassle concerns, take a closer look at data plane virtualization. By removing the complexity and risk associated with the cloud, Kaminario has made it a safer, more attractive, and more cost-effective solution.