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VG Tuesday Tips: Understanding Modern Cyber Protection: What You Need to Know

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From finance to manufacturing, transportation to healthcare, digital advances have disrupted and reinvented nearly every industry that drives the global economy. The modern world is more dependent upon data than at any time in history. That means safeguarding data – and the applications and systems that rely on data – is vital for individuals and organizations alike.

Unfortunately, traditional backup and cybersecurity solutions are no longer enough because they cannot keep up with today’s threats.

  • Data volumes are doubling every two years, creating challenges of how to store and secure it – not to mention the cost of that storage.
  • At the same time, cybercriminals are industrializing their malware attacks using greater computing power and artificial intelligence (AI), increasing the effectiveness of their zero-day attacks.

Given these new realities, the world needs modern solutions that can protect data, applications, and systems.

Acronis has been advocating a new approach called cyber protection, which combines the best of data protection with innovative approaches to cybersecurity, while incorporating technologies that ensure the privacy and authenticity of data. This unique approach has been embraced by industry observers like IDC, who have acknowledged cyber protection as the new IT discipline.

We’ve prepared a brief SlideShare that explains the need for modern cyber protection. Let’s quickly explore the basics of cyber protection.

The Cyber Protection Revolution from Acronis