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Unleash Network Freedom: Aruba Instant On Empowers You with Powerful Features, Zero Fees, and Hassle-Free Deployment
Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2023 12:13:12 PM


Managing a network doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. With Aruba Instant On, you can take control of your network effortlessly, without the burden of licensing or subscription fees. In this blog post, we'll explore how Aruba Instant On empowers you to manage your network on your terms, offering features and functionalities that enhance your network experience. Let's dive in!

  • Manage Multiple Devices: Aruba Instant On allows you to manage up to 50 access points and switches from a single interface. Whether you have a small office or a larger setup, you can easily keep tabs on all your network devices.

  • Prioritize Voice and Video: With Aruba Instant On, you can prioritize systems like voice and video, ensuring smooth communication and uninterrupted performance for essential applications.

  • Set Bandwidth Limits: Optimize your network usage by setting bandwidth limits. This feature helps prevent congestion and ensures a seamless experience for all connected devices.

  • Create Separate Networks: Aruba Instant On lets you create up to eight separate networks (SSIDs), allowing you to have different networks for guests and employees. This feature enhances security and organization within your network.


Simplified Network Setup:

  • Cloud-Managed Stacking: Easily discover and onboard an entire switch stack with streamlined workflows within the Instant On Cloud-based management modes. This simplifies the setup process and saves you time and effort.

  • Smart Mesh Setup: Expand your network effortlessly by adding additional access points and extending the coverage with the smart mesh setup. It's a straightforward process that ensures seamless connectivity throughout your space.

  • Guided Device Setup: Adding access points and switches to your network is a breeze with the integrated installation wizard in the Instant On app. It provides step-by-step instructions, making the setup process hassle-free.


Enhanced Network Control:

  • App Classification Control and Visibility: Gain insights into the top five apps used in your network and have the ability to block specific application categories. This allows you to maintain control over network usage and ensure a secure environment.

  • Multi-Network Management: Easily create and manage separate guest and employee networks. This feature provides flexibility and enhances security within your network infrastructure.

  • Bandwidth Limits: Stop bandwidth hogs from affecting your network performance by setting limits. This ensures a fair distribution of resources and a smooth experience for all users.

  • Wired and Wireless Access Control List: Protect your network from malicious traffic by implementing access control lists. This feature allows you to restrict user access to specific websites or subnets, ensuring a safe and secure network environment. Exclusive Aruba Instant On Promotions:

Aruba Instant On Access Points and Switches

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Aruba Instant On simplifies network management by providing powerful features without any licensing or subscription fees and hassle-free deployment.

With the ability to manage multiple devices, prioritize important applications, set bandwidth limits, and create separate networks, you have full control over your network. The simplified setup process, enhanced control features, and robust security measures make Aruba Instant On an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking a reliable and affordable network management solution.

Experience the freedom and ease of managing your network with Aruba Instant On today!


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