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The E series interactive displays utilize the very latest optimized touch technology and superior glass technology providing a smooth and extremely accurate, low latency writing experience as well as object recognition.

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The Avocor W series interactive displays have the integrated features and performance to help keep people connected.

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Edge-to-edge bezel-less interactive displays engineered to impress when they’re on and even when they’re turned off.

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Avocor CollabTouch

Touch. Annotate. Collaborate.

Purpose-built solutions for video collaboration to enable interactivity in rooms on your UC platform of choice.


Avocor has a range of interactive touchscreen solutions ideally suited for every sector and market.


Whether you are looking to improve communication and enhance critical thinking between Government teams, a better way to host training sessions, or to create immersive communications to expedite decision making, Avocor interactive display solutions are simply the best way to stay connected.


Video conferencing has accelerated dramatically in today’s learning environments. Thanks to video conferencing apps, such as Google Meet, Zoom, RingCentral and Microsoft Teams, students are able to extend their learning outside of the classroom. At the forefront of interactive touch technology.


Avocor creates innovative collaboration display solutions designed for every application and every budget. Whether you are looking for technology to improve team engagement, create meeting equity for remote meeting participants, or create a more immersive collaboration.



Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Choosing interactive displays in your meeting spaces ensures that your meeting room is future-proofed for the long term, enabling one-touch to join meetings directly from the meeting room display or supporting in-room collaboration using tools such as Microsoft Whiteboard.

Avocor protects on-prem or cloud storage services against malware and helps maintain regulatory compliance.

Spontaneous Meetings And Huddle Spaces

Spontaneous meetings or huddle spaces are the perfect environment for small teams - between 2 and 5 people- to gather for in person or hybrid remote collaboration. These smaller meeting room environments are perfect for a single display solution, often in either 55” or 65” options.

Spontan eous Meetings And Huddle Spaces
Choosing Your Interactive Display

Choosing Your Interactive Display

Choosing an interactive display with a video soundbar and on-board PC ensures your huddle spaces are equipped for every type of meeting, remote, hybrid or in-person.

Avocor interactive displays deliver incredible flexibility and versatility, enabling users to walk up and use technology that instantly starts a meeting . They are equally simple to connect Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allowing you to access all your video call apps as well as documents, often with a single Type-C cable. Displays that are shared or intended to be easily on-hand for spontaneous meetings should be on a cart and very easy to roll from one space to another.

Avocor can help you choose an ideal cart for your hallways, door and elevator sizes and that’s easy for anyone to move. Avocor has several different solutions for huddle rooms and spontaneous meeting environments, each working seamlessly with all UC hardware brands, including our strategic partners HP, Lenovo and Logitech.

Desktop Environments

There has never been a greater need for teams to be able to see, hear and contribute from their desktop. This means they need hardware that enables them to meet, collaborate and participate so they can and get more done. Smart companies are investing in technology that enables teams to be connected from their desktop. Beyond just audio and video to hear or see, the best solutions also allow audio and video capture while muting out unwanted noise and a perfectly placed camera. And to be able to contribute, interactive touch technology allows you to contribute the same way you could if you were in the same room with your teammates.

Desktop Environments

Phone Booths And Hot Desks

Phone Booths And Hot Desks

In response to a large hybrid workforce built around open floor plans and hot desks, many smart companies are deploying phone booths, which allow teammates to have meetings that don’t bother their other teammates and that are quiet and private for the user. To support meeting equity and to create effective and immersive meetings, phone booths need to be equipped with interactive displays that are compatible with any video meeting app and that allow you to see, hear and participate with content sharing, annotating and whiteboarding.

While most phone booths are built for 1 person, we are seeing larger phone booths that can accommodate 1-4 people at the same time. These smaller meeting room environments are perfect for a single display solution, such as Avocor’s 55” sizes or the Series One Desk 27 by Avocor.

Incredible Flexibility
With both interactive display options that are all-in-one solutions, such as our W series, or the cost-effective E series that simply needs a camera, Avocor interactive displays deliver incredible flexibility and versatility, enabling users to walk up and instantly start a meeting . And with Type-C connectivity, adding your laptop immediately allows you to access all your content and any video call apps, provides display control, Ethernet and power to your laptop all with a single Type-C cable.

Executive / Home Offices

As more and more people adopt a hybrid approach to working, it is critical that organizations provide technology solutions that enable the user to have the same experience, whether they are in the meeting room, their executive office or working remotely. Providing meeting equity ensures that each team member feels included in the meeting, regardless of where they are located.

Executive / Home Offices

Why Avocor For Executive And Home Offices

Why Avocor For Executive And Home Offices

Avocor has a range of solutions for the executive and home office. Choose from the Google Meet Series One Desk 27, our premium touchscreen solution designed for the desk or one of our 55” solutions to deliver a connected experience for meeting attendees that aren't in the meeting room.

All Avocor options work seamlessly with all UC hardware brands, including our strategic partners HP, Lenovo and Logitech, for an even more immersive camera, audio, compute and control.