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Effective, easy file folder encryption

The SmartEncrypt difference

True encryption persistence

Files always remain encrypted regardless of where they travel, even after editing or moving out of an encrypted folder.

No file size or type limitations

SmartEncrypt has no limitation on the size or types of files that can be encrypted. From the smallest text file to large specialist image files, all can be protected.

Easy to deploy with no additional infrastructure requirements

SmartEncrypt's centralised, web-based Management Console requires no hardware or software installation. And has no back-up or maintenance requirements or no ongoing associated server licensing costs.

No changes to ways of working with files

There are no changes to file types. Files can be opened and worked on as normal using File Explorer, or directly from within the file's associated app

Sharepoint and OneDrive support

SmartEncrypt works with files stored in both Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive, including OneDrive’s Files On-Demand. Files remain encrypted both in and out of the cloud.

Complements security and backup and recovery solutions

While infrastructure security solutions work to bar malicious intruders into their device or network, and business continuity solutions backup and recover files and data, to fight against total loss, SmartEncrypt encodes and scrambles data so that it is unreadable and completely unusable, unless a user has the correct decryption key.

Why is encryption important?

Every 10 minutes

Currently there is One Cybercrime reported every 10 minutes.


Estimated annual loss to businesses of $300M per year.


More than 80% organisations have identified that Cyber Security is in the top five most important investments over the next 12 months.

September 2020

Scouts Victoria data breach potentially nets 900 people’s personal details | Including bank details, birth certificates and court orders exposed.

August 2020

Transport NSW - More than 50,000 NSW driver's licences exposed in mystery data leak.

November 2020

Law in order - Hackers threaten to publish data from attack on legal services firm.


What is encryption and why do business need it?

With the increase in collaborative solutions moving to the cloud, there is an increase in cyber-attacks and data theft by accessing data through vulnerable points inside and out the network. How does encryption fit in?

What is SmartEncrypt?

SmartEncrypt works collaboratively with security and business continuity solutions to fill the gap and secure files containing valuable data.

5 differences between SmartEncrypt and other Encryption solutions

Although there are many encryption solutions currently in market, SmartEncrypt offers 5 key points of difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I encrypt my files?

Once successfully logged into the SmartEncrypt software, the user simply selects and right-clicks the files and folders and selects ‘Encrypt’ from the SmartEncrypt context menu and then click the Start button.

What if a user leaves the company with encrypted files?

When an employee or contractor leaves the organisation, their access can be disabled in the Management Console, stopping them from logging in. This also prevents them from receiving the encryption keys and decrypting files. Data remains encrypted and therefore unusable to them.

How secure is the software?

SmartEncrypt uses the AES encryption algorithm with a 32-byte key. This is commonly referred to as AES-256. To become the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the current algorithm underwent comprehensive testing and scrutiny from cryptographers around the globe - and is now the most widely used symmetric encryption algorithm.

Are there file size restrictions?

SmartEncrypt has no size limits for encryption, and is limited only by available hard disk space as encrypted files are somewhat larger than their original unencrypted versions. Large files however, will take longer to encrypt and decrypt. The Protect and Share feature has a recommended size limit of 250MB per file.

Does SmartEncrypt support Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On can be configured for use with the SmartEncrypt desktop client and Azure AD. This will allow users to login to their device and not be prompted for a username and password for SmartEncrypt to decrypt the files. Please note that even with Single Sign-On enabled, SmartEncrypt administrators will still need to sign in to the SmartEncrypt Management Console with their SmartEncrypt console credentials.

Does SmartEncrypt have access to our data?

We do not have access to any customer data. SmartEncrypt is data protection as a service rather than a cloud storage provider. We never transmit or store your files so we can never access your data. You have full control of your data and we only pass the encryption keys to your device on successful login authentication.


Download the SmartEncrypt Overview (PDF).

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Download the SmartEncrypt Quick guide (PDF).

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Download the SmartEncrypt Deployment Scenarios (PDF).

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Download the SmartEncrypt FAQs (PDF).

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