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Revolutionise your approach to backup and disaster recovery.

Unitrends provides the leading all-in-one data protection solution that offers backup, archiving, and disaster recovery for protecting physical, virtual, cloud environments, or any combination thereof. With Unitrends, organisations can protect heterogeneous environments at the lowest TCO in the industry. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, Unitrends provides IT organisations with an all-in-one, unified, alternative solution to the point products on the market today and offers heterogeneous backup for 100+ versions of computers, storage devices, operating systems, hypervisors and applications. All this at a fraction of the cost.

Unitrends is a company defined by the fact that they don't believe in limits. Their enterprise-grade features are shrink-wrapped into a bundle that allows IT organisations the agility and adaptive protection they need, and the ability to scale as data grows. Their products are used around the world by thousands of customers and the technology they offer has unmatched recovery capabilities. With a Unitrends solution, organisations will be able to focus on their business, not their backup.


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